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Saint Blüm is a 100% natural skin care line that is safe and beneficial for all skin types. Our mission is to create sustainable, natural, and affordable skincare products for people of all ages and ethnicities. The brand was founded by Chemist, Shaneé Turner in January 2018. This business savvy Chemist is making her mark in the beauty industry with her strong focus on combining her knowledge of Science & her passion for Beauty. Today, Shaneé takes pride in the fact that she is not only living out her dreams, but also fulfilling her lifelong desire to help others as well.


For Shaneé, Saint Blüm is a dream turned into reality. Since her early years in elementary up until now, Science has been the constant in her life. While attending a Science and Math Academy in high school, Shaneé was assigned to perform experiments that presented to people around the world. From then on, she began developing a fascination for Science; and naturally decided to continue this passion throughout college. Shaneé attended Xavier University and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry along with a minor in Biology in 2012. She has since gained experience as a Chemist in the oil/gas industry and as a sales representative in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Shaneé also recalls her admiration for beauty developing as early as childhood.  She remembers thinking to herself that she was different from the average kids her age. This was mainly due to her sensitive and problematic skin. Many products that were used on her skin would cause her to have “breakouts” resulting in expensive doctor’s appointments, the use of prescription drugs that provided a temporary fix and decrease in self confidence in Shaneé. As she grew in her career, Shaneé began doing research on natural remedies to combat her personal sensitive skin issues. Then, after recognizing that more than 85 million people in the US alone suffer with similar issues, Shaneé decided to dedicate her career to developing targeted and sustainable skincare products.



The method behind our mission is to educate our customers throughout their journey to achieving healthier skin. In light, our motto is quite simple: The more you know, the more you glow!


Saint Blüm uses the following strategies to better understand our customers and to guarantee their satisfaction:


• Analyzing big data to determine consumer needs • Researching the composition of ingredients and their elements in an effort to create targeted skincare • Sourcing high-quality ingredients that do not harm the environment • Performing reactions that create balanced equations to decrease skin sensitivity 

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